Friday, July 27, 2012


I did not really learn that much about the devices. I have been using a mac book at home for years and I also have an iphone. So, I am familiar with itunes and the sync process. I actually found some of the tutorials to be confusing and I could not access the portal as it said in the video which caused some frustration. I just downloaded the new version of itunes through I couldn't even get to KACE maybe since I am not at school. I also could not access the great list of awesome apps. I went to the EdTech website but didn't see it anywhere. Anyway, I feel comfortable enough with the new technology that I believe I will get to it soon enough. I found a few cool free apps for my two year old anyway.

As for classroom management... I have been thinking about that a lot. I am a little nervous about this. I definitely plan to label the devices that I have in my room. I am not sure exactly what we will get as far as a charging cart/device. Since we are getting ipads, are we just getting a charger to go with each device or will we have a charging station? I do intend to have a a tech rep per class. I like that idea. I have used the baby dells in my room quite a bit so I am not completely foreign to this idea. But I still worry a little. I am used to teaching to the bell, almost to a fault since the kids are not as diligent about cleaning their areas. I will have to be more organized in this way. I am sure the kids will have no problem giving me reminders. I may have them put up the technology and then do their reflection on paper before leaving. Just an idea to keep them working until the end...

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