Saturday, July 14, 2012


This is a TED Talks clip that I showed to my students last year while studying Southeast Asia. I was inspired by some students' oral responses to the video. I was impressed when given a choice a few days later, many students chose to write their opinion based answers on this topic- something they had never heard of before.

This is a You Tube video about pollution and other environmental issues on Mount Everest. It is a quality film that is student friendly and teacher friendly given its short length. I have showed this film and students respond well. Pollution is always a high interest topic in this class.

I love You Tube because I can find short quality videos and shorter versions of full length National Geographic videos for instance. I also find so many relevant videos on TED Talks which the kids are very tuned into. The TED Talks are just the right length to either introduce a topic or just add to your activity. I will enjoy incorporating these into small group stations with the new ipads.

I have also found some great primary source videos using Discovery Education when I taught U.S. History. I had good luck both streaming live and downloading the videos. I was not very impressed with my first look at Teacher Tube but maybe I need to spend some more time with that.

I have used Flickr for images in the past. I like that it is worry free as for copy right issues. I did not find the Disney adaptation very helpful for understanding copy rights. 

Drop Box account created. I think this will make working and sharing from home a whole lot easier. Bam... done.

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