Friday, July 13, 2012


So the last post was just practice for the real thing I guess. As I slowly get my feet wet in the 11 Tool pool, I am encountering some hazards but over all seem to be making progress. I enjoyed reading some of our fellow teachers' blogs and yet others just confirmed my belief that I have no idea what I am doing! For instance I am following a number of cool blogs but they are not showing up on my blog only on my dashboard and in the Google Reader. However, I have seen other teacher's blogs where they do show up. I am still trouble shooting that one. Any ideas?

I enjoy reading NPR blogs such as 13.7: Cosmos and Culture and All Tech Considered but I do not have much urge to comment. I am also interested in the National Geographic Blog, My Wonderful World, and World Geography Blog. Both of those sites have ideas for integrating technology into my lessons like fusion tables and the 2012 Failed States Index. I am also following Geographic Travels where I have read a few interesting posts but I'm not quite sure about keeping that one yet.

My geography team uses Diigo to share bookmarks. We got a good start on it last fall sharing our old favorites but we have yet to really make it a regular part of our sharing process. It seems really user friendly but we all just need to spend a little more time playing around with it.

Uh oh is that crying? Yep. Until next nap time...

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