Monday, July 23, 2012


I created the wall above using Wallwisher. I think this is a neat tool and probably the easiest that I have seen so far for the kids to use themselves. I thought this would be a good introduction to web tools. For my example, I chose an activity that I usually have the students do on large index cards. I use index cards thinking the students will use them for review but they usually do not and trying to incorporate numerous cards into a review activity is a challenge. With this wall, I can more easily incorporate the finished walls into the test review lesson. For this particular activity, the students are assigned a number of landforms per group and then they complete a frayer model exercise for each one. I designed it so the group creates one wall and each member signs up with Wallwisher and posts their landform models. The only downside to Wallwisher that jumps out at me is that you cannot invite people to post. It is either everyone or just you. I worry a little about students deleting things from other groups walls or at least students using that as an excuse when they are not finished! Can you delete someone else's post? Maybe there is a solution to this...

My Edmodo Page

I signed up for Edmodo today and I really like it. It seems like an effective tool for both team planning and for use with students in the class room. I created a group for the world geography team. As I understand it, you can share with your whole team just by making one post and it would be private- just for the team members. I definitely think this seems easier and more useful as a team planning tool than Diigo but what I like most is that I can use the same site for student groups as well. I am not sure how I will pursue that yet. I think in using it with students I would start by just having them as read only. Apparently they can still submit assignments but not post to the whole group. I think that would take some building up to. To be honest I am more interested and focused on the students starting a blog for the class through Blogger. I want to see how that goes first. At least now, I know what it available.

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