Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I was feeling ambitious and having worked some with Google Docs, I thought I would explore Fusion Tables as I mentioned in an earlier post. Yikes... It took me a while of watching tutorials and playing around with already existing tables to realize that you have to have a Google Account (different from a Google Apps account). I figured since I had invested so much time already, and it seemed really cool and practical for my class, I would proceed. I created a personal Google Account which is cool because now I have Google Drive to keep things for my personal computer. Anyway, as for Fusion Tables, I managed to get as far as uploading data from a public table and creating a map. Which is what I wanted to do. However, I had a very hard time working with the data in the table and getting it to be just as I wanted it so that the map looked right. I never did make it to the next step of merging another data table. Honestly my brain was a little fried by then. But I have to say that if I got that far, then you shouldn't be afraid. I will go back and try again. If anyone has tips, please share.

So, for tool #4, I went ahead and put our 2011-12 WG road map into google docs and shared it with my team. I made some comments to get the conversation going about planning for this year. I like Google Docs and will continue to use it with my students in the future. I look forward to seeing how it will make team planning easier and more efficient this year.

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  1. I'm glad you explored Fusion Tables. I hope you investment in time pays off. I'm a little confused as to why your school account didn't give you access to that particular Google tool.